Flashback Friday: Akshay Kumar & Raveena Tandon

Everyone loves Akshay Kumar mainly because of what a talented actor he is but subconsciously, well at least for me, I like Akshay Kumar because he’s “husband material!” Okay seriously, Twinkle and him on Koffee With Karan were outstanding! I literally couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. They were picture perfect.

Photo Courtesy: Blog Spot

I recently heard that Akshay Kumar is all set to host Great Indian Laughter Challenge with Raveena Tandon… his ex. Obviously they’ve moved on in life and are now happily married with other people. They do respect each other’s space and boundaries too. But one does wonder, “How do these celebrities do movies together with all the hugging, hand holding, intimate looks and maybe even some real intimacy! HOW? Ranbir Kapoor and  Deepika Padukone make me ask that question time and again! With Akshay and Raveena, I wonder how different it is after almost 2 decades!

Photo Courtesy: ThreeMad.com

Raveena was the ultimate fantasy queen of men in the 90s. Must I remind you of the yellow saree she wore and danced in the rain to the tune of “tip tip barsa paani”  her beauty and sensuality made everyone fall in love with her. This list included the hunky raunchy Akshay Kumar! R and A fell in love while shooting a movie together in 1994, Mohra. Their chemistry, both on and off screen speculated in the media. On the surface level, their love-story looked picture perfect. They were both from the same cast, they were both successful and their parents approved of their child’s spouses. They were spotted together on way too many occasions being the idle couple. The entire Bollywood fraternity thought, this is going to happen. They would soon be the country’s sweethearts; like Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were… They are soon going to announce their wedding! The media, their fans, the industry too, were all waiting for the news to break.

Photo Courtesy: BlogSpot

R in an interview to Stardust in 1999 revealed that A said he will marry her the day she will finish her last shoot. Cause apparently he didn’t want his wife to be part of the insdustry and work as an actress anymore. So this leading lady was ready to leave everything and the drop of a hat for him. She also went on record to say that they’d gotten secretly engaged in a mandir.

According to her, since Akshay had a fear of losing his career and female-fans, he did not let their engagement news to be public at that time.

Photo Courtesy: NewsCrunch.com

R talked about the importance of loyalty post their break up and even claimed that while A was engaged to her, he got engaged to two other girls also! I mean, WHAAAT?! There were also reports during their courtship phase, in 1996 wherein Akshay-Raveena–Rekha starrer “Khiladiyon ka Khiladi” released and with that the link-up stories of Akshay and Rekha became the sensational news in the media.

india tv news.com
Photo Courtesy: India TV News

In her July 1999 interview, a heart-broken R said that A probably proposes to every girl and the speed at which he’s going, he will soon have to address the parents of three-fourth of the girls in Mumbai as ‘Mom and Dad’. LOL! I actually laughed at this cheeky take on his infidelity. She further said that she does not blame any other woman for her break-up since it was her man who was not loyal. AMEN SISTER! AMEN!

dna india
Photo Courtesy: DNA India

So, hope you enjoyed this Flashback Friday! And here’s hoping they have a good time shooting for the show!

Best of luck to those two!




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